George Stinson

Gatineau, Québec ·

Many people will ask me what I “do”. The answer I like to give is often different from the one they’re seeking. So to get to the point: I’m a software guy for a living and also as a hobby. The latter is what makes me happy while the former pays my bills (and on a good day it also makes me happy). I've spent a decade building software solutions on a variety of platforms. My specialty is mobile development, though I have years of experience also building web solutions in a diverse set of environments, such as WordPress, as well as .NET.

A note for recruiters: while I appreciate all inquiries, I am not interested in relocating or commuting. Particularly given recent events, I am encouraged to see many companies embracing fully digital teams, and those will get my attention first.


Staff Software Developer


In my time at AppDirect, I have been responsible for four production apps, as well as several proof-of-concept and demo applications. The app capabilities have ranged from real-time chat, to data analytics.

I have also done work on microservices written in multiple technologies. This includes using Flask (and Python) to set up a RESTful service with Amazon S3 capability.

July 2016 - Present

Android Developer

Foko, Inc.

Worked on Foko's mobile solution for visual communication. A bit like Instagram for businesses, with an increasing emphasis on retail.

August 2015 - March 2016

Software Developer

Enthrill, Inc

Worked on Enthrill's unique ebook distribution and DRM system. Also developed and released Enthrill's mobile downloading app.

July 2014 - July 2015

Android Developer


Worked on porting a popular communications app to Android, reaching #1 in the Play Store upon release, with a user base in the hundreds of millions.

May 2013 - January 2014


High Road Comunications

Worked on an array of high-profile client websites and social media solutions. These ranged from full-fledged websites, to Facebook applications.

May 2011 - May 2013


University of Vermont

Bachelor of Arts

September 2001 - May 2005


Programming Languages & Tools
Other Tools
  • Scrum-based Agile Development
  • Unit Testing and Continuous Integration


When I'm not immersed in solving software problems, I'm usually either engaged in some kind of fitness-related activity (cycling, in particular, but also weightlifting), and fancy myself an occasional writer. I've written several novels as part of the annual NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), and have a handful of short stories out there.

Beyond this, I’m a fanatic about several other things, things that risk boring the reader if I go into too much detail. But you can expect me to speak often of things like privacy and cryptography, both of which bring one perilously close to discussing politics.

I used to host a blog here, but decided to archive it, as I no longer blog actively. The WordPress export file from those days can be found here.